2011 and 2012 memories

I’ll try to make the English version of the blog posts so that my friends here in Mumbai can read it, and also to practice my English writing skills (and yes, there will be lots of errors that hopefully I’ll see and correct in the future, sorry for that). When I was doing the post … Continue lendo 2011 and 2012 memories

Memórias de 2011 e 2012

Quando fiz o post passado sobre meus amigos, pesquisei no meu e-mail o que eu já tinha dito sobre eles, e encontrei um relato  sobre o fim de 2011 e começo de 2012 que fiz para outros amigos. Tão legal ver o que eu estava pensando (e reler o que eu estava fazendo) na época: … Continue lendo Memórias de 2011 e 2012

Best friends forever

I love friendships. Besides the whole having friends to trust, to help, to etc. etc. thing, we can learn so much just to getting to know someone else and allowing people to come and be a part of our life. But I’m not an easy, million friends kind of girl.  I prefer few, meaningful (and … Continue lendo Best friends forever